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November 25, 2017


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May St Sebastian whip you up a miracle.

Tom wins.

Prayers for healing, of all kinds.

I have had more back pain/spasms from doing things like leaning over to look in a mirror than I have from any hits or falls in roller derby. Backs are dumb.

I'm sorry things aren't going well :(

I'm sorry you're hurting.... seems unfair that you should be be hit twice, no? Should be either your back or unmentionable issues; they ought to have the grace to take turns.

We are living parallel lives. I threw out my back going upstairs this weekend. It wasn't the fault of the stairs, just where I tend to keep tension when I'm stressed. I got some CBD oil capsules and they're surprisingly effective. Ice it, do some gentle stretches. It'll get better-ish.

Oh no! And I had a parallel injury -- though WAY less painful that I woke up with last Wednesday in NYC. I'm already better, thankfully, but my back hurt for 5 days. I hope you're already better.

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