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November 14, 2017


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Helen Hanff is wonderful!!

Yeah, the Story Girl was not my favorite and I don't think I ever reread, as I did with many other LMMs.

That's a great life motto. Can I adopt it?
Hey, you've moved house with small people! Any tips on helping a three year old with the move? We're moving from Cambridge to Exeter (Devon) this weekend and my little monkey is very unsettled. I'm not sure how much she understands but she's very clingy and when we went to pick up the keys last weekend she got very upset and cried "I want to go back to my old house" until she fell asleep in my arms (at lunch time, very unusual for her). :(
The plus side of our move is that she'll be near two of her cousins who are very close to her in age. But I think she will miss her friends here and the whole business of packing up and going somewhere else is stressful. Prayers and wisdom appreciated!

I love The Way We Live Now! And I really wish someone had actually written "Criminal Queens," because that, too, I would love to read...

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