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November 06, 2017


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So these are not technically in EITHER category, but hoo boy, do I have a problem with "Ashes". And a whole bunch of songs from my early childhood like "Great Things Happen When God Mixes with Us" and "Lord of the Dance".

But more importantly - hooray for your joy! Here's hoping that you'll have more opportunities when the instruments get repaired.

My husband used to have an office in the Maranatha music building— the Home of cringe worthy 90s praise music. We still get shivers when “Jesus, lover of my soul” filters through the memory webs.

I love threads about cringe-worthy Christian music because I had FORGOTTEN about Great Things Happen, Sarah in Ottowa! hahahaha! off I go to YouTube! (It's horrible I agree).

I think I have too many to list. Currently my church seems once again enamored with One Bread, One Body, which isn't necessarily terrible lyrics, but the MELODY is not melodic and I HATE IT so much.

The ones I don't like are usually from the 70s .Lion of Judah, circa 1976.

Think Ray Coniff Singers:

"Lion of Judah, come to earth. I want to thank you for your birth".

There are a few recent contemporary songs that I do not care for, but generally, I like them. I am in a group that does music for Mass and it's rather rockin'.

Where questionable lyric choices meet questionable literary metaphors: for a long time, hearing the "God's Not Dead" line "He's livin' on the inside, roarin' like a lion" would make me think of the part in Harry Potter where Harry's crush on Cho gets awkwardly personified (animalfied?) as a beast in his chest.

I mostly hate the ones either with obviously bad theology (Ashes...) or places where the theology goes bad because of a rhyme. I blame the rhyming of "throne" and "alone" for a lot...

There's an song in the Episcopal hymnal that features the phrase "boiling test tubes," which is a strange one to sing. I forget if test tubes were praising or being praised. I don't actually know what the song's about.

My hometown parish growing up had a rota of about 30 songs that the congregation could actually sing -- it was a strange mix of old standards and a handful of the Haugen/Haas type ditties. And let me tell you -- there's nothing more painful than a church of tinny voices (average age: 52) getting increasingly uneasy on their way through "Let There Be Peace on Earth."

"To take each moment (BREATH) and live each moment (BREATH) in peace e-ter-na-(BREATH) LEEEEEE...."

Get the instruments fixed! So fun!

I played flute at mass in college -- not a choir, per se, but just "liturgical musicians". I miss it! In grad school we had mass for the grad student community (on-campus housing) and i did that, too, and even worked on picking the music. That was pretty awesome too. Then you can at least try to influence them away from the cringeworthy.

Our current parish has woeful music. In fact, at last week's mass, there was NO MUSIC. It was awful. We have no choir, no music minister, nothing. I don't know enough about it to be in charge or I would. There was a blurb in the bulletin for more musicians for the 9:30 mass and I was kind of tempted but the truth is I can't sing.

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