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November 22, 2017


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I couldn't agree more. I also think that it's very hard for people to feel they've seen themselves represented in film, only to see an interview with the actors later. They talk about what it was like to wear a fat suit or a mask, or how they gained to play a fat person and but here's how they worked to lose that weight. "Look what I did for my craft." Fine, I suppose...but do they ever consider what it's like to be the person who can't just step out of costumes and masks? Never do the makers seem to consider that they can find actors who already look the way the character does. I'm sure they have a lot of reasons why they think it's best for business. ((Sigh))

I had the same thoughts when I saw the trailer. I thought I remembered reading somewhere that the author didn't describe Augie very distinctly because she wanted readers to have to freedom to imagine - or identify - with him.

You articulated another peeve of mine in your comment about beautiful actresses portraying "plain" women - one reason I usually prefer BBC productions. I've always disliked Keira Knightly as Elizabeth Bennett - and even less as Anna Karenina.

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