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November 18, 2017


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I have this problem right now

where I am an engineer who married another engineer and we have spent our marriage being nerds at the dinner table and causing our children to flee,

and where my oldest son recently decided to makor in bsome kind of business price risk insurance analytics thing that has always quiely fascinated my husband,

a thing that it is apparently possible to geek out about in a very lengthy and argumentative way,

and now *I* am the one fleeing the dinner table.

Indeed, I WAS wondering. Love it. =)

(We tend to geek out around building/engineering projects, and Greek/Latin word derivations.)

My school is a glorious geek-fest. Teachers and students alike rejoice: we have found our people. =)

We're geeky. But our geeky-ness cannot compare with your family's! ;-P

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