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November 13, 2017


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This post made me sob with laughter.

Part of me wants pictures. But no picture is worth phrases like "bag-lady Maleficent" or, better yet, "Rhapsody in Lepidoptera failure." Makes me think of Shelob -- only in monarch butterfly form -- "Butterflyra, fount of nightmares"--set down the tea, self, before irrigating the keyboard.

Sobbing with laughter still. Thank you.

This is hilarious! LOL ;-D Love it!

I'm actually curiouser about the sage sweater dress, it sounds lovely, as well as green and white dress. I think we have the same color preferences!

My husband will periodically comment that Google thinks he is looking for love again.... when it starts sending him dating site ads. He has tried in the past to figure out what search or email cues the mis-guess, but no luck.

Me, I just keep flagging the ads that suddenly start playing very loud music or chat, and the ones that surprise my children with semi-obscenity if I accidentally leave my email open.

I confess:

There's a red plaid holiday dress that keeps crossing my browser this week. And every time I see it, I have to remind myself that

a) I have no occasion to wear a full-skirted party dress in Royal Stewart

and, more to the point,

b) I am not a person who can pull off a full-skirted party dress in Royal Stewart.

But between you and me, I kind of wish I were.

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