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November 08, 2017


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Oh yeah. It doesn't help that my family is passing a cold around. My son was just starting to sleep past 6:30 on a regular basis. Now he comes in asking for breakfast at 5:30. Brutal.

I just traveled thousands of miles from the Southernmost tip of South America and while when I flew down there there was only one hour difference (one hour later there), upon my return it was two hours and that, surprisingly, is helping quite a bit... I can wake up earlier without a problem!

Thankfully, my Boy is old enough that he's past the baby/toddler/ stage, which cruelly neither knows nor cares that the clock have changed, and wakes up at the usual time wanting food and cuddles, and doesn't understand why Mama wants to go to bed an hour so early. Nobody told me about that when I was a new parent. I suppose I could have done the math...except that I really couldn't do any math back then. So it's nice now: he just gets up, pads quietly to the couch, and watches Crash Course videos on Youtube. ;-)

I haven't had inertia and lethargy this week, except maybe yesterday - -but that's because I also had twitchiness and hair-pulling and angst, which kept me awake. No school for us today, so that's helpful: I need to catch up on some work, and a lot of sleep, and some lying on the couch with a book.

Oh! I love this time change! For me this feels like 'normal time' -- it's the spring one that's awful for me. This I love, the extra hour of sleep that first night, then having the sunrise earlier again, and the length of the days shortening to and through the seasons of Thanksgiving and Advent, which beautifully lend themselves to the falling dark at late afternoon ... I love it. It feels so refreshng and natural.

I hope you feel better soon! It takes awhile for me in the spring ...

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