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November 21, 2017


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I don't know what penitential cranberry sauce is, but it sounds like it involves zesting.

I’m going to put this here instead of where it belongs because I found myself weeping in the grocery store parking lot tonight because once, my kids went with me to do the holiday shopping (and I hated it) and now they are already taking college admissions tests (some of them) and I don’t HATE that but also I was weeping.

So what I would like, if you run out of ideas before November finishes, is any insight into getting through the college selection/application process (I have theee kids with radically different approaches at this point and we live in a hyper-focused college town and I am stressed already, less about the outcome than how to help the kids not go insane or hurt each other or be mean about their likely chances at different dream colleges).

And also an update on how it’s going, having children at boarding school and college and Problematic Parochial High. (I know: it’s hard to blog this stuff because of teen privacy. Alas.)

I forgot to explain why I posted here and not on the ideas-requested post: because I made my cranberry sauce and ordered my advent candles from Amazon (Lutherans mostly do all blue now and the local craft store only sells the pink-purple combo pack). Thank you for the reminders and thank you for the blog.

Happy Thanksgiving!

I love #4 and I vote that you should send that letter. It may not have an immediate effect, but it's eloquent and true and over time may make the bookstore owner think about it...?

OOOOH, what I treat to hear from Jody! I wish I weren't so shy about just trying to talk to my former blog friends in facebook messenger perhaps, or email. I guess I'd be embarrassed. I don't even see Jody posting much on facebook anyway. I feel like asking so many questions of each and every one of the folks whose blogs I read, but I feel like I can't. Sigh... I'd love to hear more about the things she asked about. My older son is only one year younger then her three kids. I know I'll go to NC someday and I really really wish I could meet her in person (and you too of course) as well as Aliki who also lives there... sigh... Sorry for the jumbled comment. I just got too excited.

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