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November 27, 2017


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oh dear! i'm sorry about the grading of the assignments that don't make sense! :-( And WOW, I began teaching a year before you did... of course I'd been teaching before all through grad school (pausing in 2004 when we moved) & I was a teacher in Brazil too before that. I guess I also finished my phd a bit before you did too (I finished in May 2008).

I'm afraid civics education is not a priority. And unfortunately this is perhaps why we are governed by the present.

I've participated in many Town Hall meetings, phone conferences and the like where people who are actually participating adults asked the elected official there about legislative actions that were not at his level.

Keep up the good work. It's a great assignment - very practical. I'm sure it helps you to sort the leaders from the followers, the problem-solvers from the complainers.

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