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November 04, 2017


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I love your insight on butter! I so agree.

I'd had some little cakes like this from an Irish Festival. My take was that in taste and texture, they were an awful lot like eating just the casing of a Fig Newton cookie. Without the fig, they were dreary to me. I'm sure that if you were hungry they'd serve fine, but I'm just used to a sweeter taste in a cookie or cake. I'm glad your soul cakes were a good experience!

These look tasty. =)

So in the recipe on the lovely lady's blog, of course all the terminology is British. Is "mixed spice" a specific thing, or can I, you know, mix some scone-type spices? ;-) And I can never remember which type of sugar is "caster." Any advice is appreciated. =)

I agree with the verbs in the flour. And I can't resist a Hamilton quotation, Rise up! Rise up!

Do you all like Hamilton in our household? I LOOOOVE it and it was my 15 year old who introduced it to me, way too late (as in only six months ago?).

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