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November 16, 2017


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Knitting! Book recs! Parenting teens (we're getting to that stage and I'm getting nervous). I like your posts about politics, too, though I understand if you want to avoid thinking about that at the moment.

Even I failed you this year! :-( SERIOUSLY, It's too bad!!

Let's blame it on Argentina, ok? It was AMAZING to go to Argentina, but it messed up my goal to reach 117 posts. I'm thinking that 77 is such a small (though beautiful number) which will allow me to write only 20+ posts... all of a sudden I feel like I have so much more to say than 20 posts! hahahahaha... I refuse LOL of :-D

Anyway... ok. What else could you say?

More curly hair conversations? (I say that because I'm reading your twitter feed on the side bar. I have a really hard time using twitter... it's too distracting to poor ADHD me. Anyway, what you wrote about your hair & this guy's beard is depressing, though.

Why are we getting so old so fast! She says in despair. (tongue in cheek).

I don't know... about life, and aging, and in trying to raise kids with our same worldview and the probable impossibility of that.

How to be older people who still connect with the younger generation? I'm feeling hopelessly out of touch even though I'm still very much in touch with my own sons and learning lots from them (music & some other things). Do you try to find out what your kids like to listen to (music) or do you try to interest them in your own things.

I spent the summer watching Marvel movies to be more connected to my son and I am. I love that I can take him to the movies and GET IT. I hope to try to find things to connect with him as he becomes an adult. OK, these are tidbits of blog posts that *I* must write and stuff that's going through *my* head, but we're trying to have a kind of lonely dialogue here, aren't we? So... yeah.

And I second your desire to bring back the blogosphere. I want to shout it from the mountaintops... scream through Facebook at all my former blogger friends... it's sad. ;-) :-(

Well, I love your political posts (but I know they cause agita for you).

Since you have smart teenagers, I'm wondering if you have any thoughts on how to best attract young talent to workplaces that are typically thought of as stodgy. I'm an insurance executive and one of the biggest issues facing the insurance industry right now is the inability to attract really good talent (except for actuaries) because insurance is thought of negatively. When and how do you start talking to young people about the fact that it's a pretty stellar career?

How's your Whole30 going? Mine is going well (although I am cheating with one meal per week ... naughty!). I feel great, my clothes fit better, and I feel really good about going into Thanksgiving with a positive attitude.

I vote for how to handle volatile big kids. -signed the mother of a 12yo with all the hormones

Related, how do you handle a child who bursts into tears of righteous indignation at any attempt to instruct about anything. For example: "Let's look at your math lesson."

What do people do with their 13 year olds in the summer? He has aged out of all the local camps and this is the first summer we will both be working full time in years.

Also, when does a parent step in to discuss annoying things in junior high? Like information doesn't make it to me. I thought it was my kid, but no, even parents of super organized girls are having trouble with lack of information from the same teacher. My kid says, nooooooo mom, just roll with it. But one night I sat in the van for FORTY FIVE MINUTES waiting on an activity to end. So disrespectful of parents time to send home a sheet that says this ends at 8 and then don't end until after 8:30. Only certain parents were informed via a SECRET FACEBOOK PAGE about changes to the schedule. We have all of jr high and high school with this same teacher.

I would like to hear more about your path to getting healthy. And favourite whole30 recipes.

Also I just love hearing about general family life. Especially from people like you who are a fair bit ahead and give me hope that I can do it too!

Would love to hear your opinion about the education your kids are getting in public school. Overall good? Neutral? I wouldn't say I'm drinking full-strength John Taylor Gatto Kool-Aid over here, but I am skeptical of the "we need these kids to be tech savvy for the job market!" tone I keep hearing from multiple districts.

Would also like to hear your thoughts on education at the university level, wherever you may like to take it.

I'd love to hear about your history as a reader...what books you remember having strong responses to as a younger reader and where they took you and what you think about them now, if your thinking has changed.

You sounded in a past post like you may have had postpartum anxiety at one point. If you're willing, what was that like? When and how did it end?

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