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October 23, 2017


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This is just so absolutely beautiful! A testament to the power of God to change us if we let Him!

And today I had my son say pretty much the same thing Pete said to you! We were visiting an older lady from our community and her rambunctious grandson was there (he's only 2) and making it hard for my 13 year old to talk to the lady. So I started talking to the toddler, who mostly wanted attention, when out of the blue my son said: "You are the best mom ever, you are SO GOOD with little kids!" This warmed my heart. And I am, I was crazy for babies and young kids since I was born. But I turned to him and said the truth -- that after I had his brother and him, I kind of didn't care for other people's children anymore and thoroughly enjoyed my own. Now that they're older, I am beginning to want to play with babies and toddlers again. ;-) I am really really looking forward to being a grandma!

Thank you so much for sharing with us, and giving us the benefit of the doubt! <3

Thank you so much for writing, and I am so glad that you are reaping the rewards, in the most tangible and lovely way.
I would also love to hear your thoughts on what comes next. How do you adjust your tactics and reactions when the same spirited toddler is no longer a toddler but in school, and still has difficulties, and still has trouble controlling his impulses (to scream to hit or run away), and still experiencing the world as attacking him? Asking for a friend, of course. Because this hypothetical friend is finding that it's a bit harder to ignore a 7-year old tantrum in public, and thee judgement - oyy. it doesn't get better but worse.

"I am really grateful that I was given Alex as my first child. I fear I would have been intolerably smug if I had been given a meek and peaceable firstborn. It would have been entirely the result of my awesome parenting, you see." -

I was given my easier child first. And I did think her health and abilities were the result of my awesome parenting. Then came #2 where I learned humility and patience - but not enough to pull the trigger on baby #3.

Thank you for sharing. I think of you often!

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