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October 17, 2017


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Agreed. Every bit of it. I dealt with a tantrum king and it is probably the reason I still say 3 is my least favorite age. I'm looking forward to seeing if any of what we did will end up on your list too. (do you remember Mac at 3? or was he older by the time I met you? I was joking that if I hadn't had Nina already, I would have never had another child...)

Can't wait for the rest of the series.

Oh, the JUST! I've said to people that if they're ever tempted to ask "Why don't you JUST..."...they should stop. If it's a JUST, then chances are pretty darn good that yes, in fact, I have already tried it. Or I've investigated, and here are the reasons why that JUST won't work.

Emotional regulation is surely at least as complicated as learning to navigate Boston at rush hour -- a task for which I prepare ahead, and choose my timing, and know my exits and alternates and my Plan B. And it takes practice.

And that's how hard it is for ADULTS. With EXPERIENCE. That's an important reminder for parents of little kids...and bigger kids.

Or teachers of teenagers -- who sometimes have the brains and feelings and height and breadth of shoulder of adults...and sometimes are still just big kids.


This is all so good. Our older son is a "stick shift in SF" kid. We got a lot of 'if you'd JUST'. IT DOESN'T WORK WITH HIM. And you feel like the world's worst parent until you realize it's not you -- all the "just-ers" are Gladlyville drivers. SUCH a good analogy.

It does get better. Not that we don't still get tantrums, oh no, but it's a lot better.

My son is doing so well driving! He has already driven through DC! (on the highways that criss-cross the Navy Yard area) three days after getting his permit (and after driving several hours on several highways).

In any case, I learned to drive when I was 24, almost 25, and it was hard!

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