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October 16, 2017


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I'm guessing you have a raccoon. I mean . . . had a raccoon. Best of luck with the screen.

Oh! And I have a friend in Gladlyville who used to trap such pests as a side job for his neighbors. If you run out of options, I would be happy to send you his contact information. Perhaps we could coax him out of retirement.

Curious mind wishes to know if it worked?

I used to love that Home Depot or Lowe's commercial in which a customer comes in looking all frazzled and desperate, and the guy asks, "Squirrels? Been there..." and gets a sort of faraway look in his eyes...then gives a little shudder, recovers his composure, and proceeds to help the customer on his quest.

My mom and dad once spent a surprisingly cheerful evening on squirrel patrol: they'd found the hole, so they rigged up a ramp baited with peanut butter crackers (a fave of squirrels, I'm told). My mom's job was to sit in my sister's bedroom watching through the window, to let my dad know when the squirrel came out, so he could dash out and board up the hole. It actually worked, IIRC.

No more 3am scrabbling so far!

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