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October 05, 2017


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We will always live in a world where that *can* happen, but we don't have to settle for one where it *does*—or at least one where people laugh at jokes about it.

We went to see the London reworking of Mel Brooks' Young Frankenstein stage musical. One of the songs, to my great disappointment, played domestic abuse for laughs. The audience thought it was hilarious. I didn't. I appreciate Mel Brooks, I do. I can laugh at subversive and dark humor, if it is clever. But: My sense of humor does not stretch far enough to laugh at beatings.

I am so, so sorry Jamie. So sorry for your grief, and your town, and for us. And YES, there is such a clear and deep connection between shootings and violence against women. Here in Israel it feeds into easy access to guns from the army - Gun Free Kitchen is the initiative to point out the link and severe it.

All of those stories are horrific. My condolences.

They also point to missed opportunities to help the abusers understand their anger and deal with it. I grew up with an abusive sibling and worked in a factory during college where I saw many women in same sex relationships who were abused. It's hard to be around, to understand and to help both people in the scenario get help.

It's so heartbreaking that these horrible things happen. :-(

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