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September 26, 2017


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I found this quiz, though not here, and scored as a total Obliger. And it's true -- I will do almost nothing for myself (and I also kinda like doing nothing) but if it's an obligation with other people counting on me, I'll go the extra mile, kill myself, etc. to git 'er done.

I had the Obliger worst nightmare situation on Sunday: it looked like I'd committed to two functions scheduled for the same time, neither of which were optional or cancellable, and for which my participation was crucial. I was in a real panic for the few moments it took to ascertain that one of them was a typo on the calendar. This is why I try to commit to as few things as possible: because once I do get involved, it's all or nothing.

And again, I wish there was a quick button saying "I read everything you wrote, it's really interesting, made me thinks some, so glad you shared it - but I have nothing to add."

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