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September 25, 2017


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I feel sad for this woman, in spite of the fact that she majorly insulted you. That is a lot of fear to be carrying around on a daily basis, and to try and project that on to others tells me there's more crud below the surface.

A lot of fear.

I hope you don't get in trouble! But whenever I wind up in charge of someone else's child, if I don't get a chance to review with the parent questions of supervision level, I tell myself they have made their decision to trust my judgement and that's on them. :D

I still might be a little more conservative with somebody else's kid than my own, but that is vecause I don't know the kid.

This reminded me of something I was going to complain about! Thanks.

My youngest has been going to a neighborhood church for a Wednesday night program for 3 years now. Our neighbors invited her and she loves it. I drop her off and then they bring her back (they are volunteers there and it's their home church). It's been great.

Just this year, the church has instituted a sign in/sign out process for ALL KIDS. I emailed and asked "For 5th graders? Really?" and what would happen if she decides to ride her bike in nice weather? It's about 1-1.5 miles away, sidewalks all the way, quiet neighborhood, no major streets to cross. NOPE. She MUST be signed in and out.


Oh dear! I am sorry for this woman because I sympathize with the fact that she's frustrated regarding leaving a career (particularly an academic one, I have a similar trajectory, although I'm still "half-in" now), but it's very sad that she has to say such things to you! :-(

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