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September 02, 2017


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Not exactly reassuring, but when my oldest was in elementary school, we got none of those calls. Instead they called her grandma. Why? I don't know. It's like they picked a random number off the emergency contact list instead of, you know, the parents. And nobody claimed to have knowledge of how to fix the problem. So if school closed early or something like that, they'd call grandma and grandma, sometimes, would call us. So, so efficient.

This is terrible. I'm mad FOR you.

We get a T/TH email from the school (upcoming events/deadlines, etc.) and that's about it. I whine that it's very repetitive, but after reading your post, I'll stop whining. Sometimes a homeroom teacher will send a newsletter once a week, but just to her class.

In emergencies they send add'l email, of course, and text messages. I think there's a landline phone -tree system for inclement weather, sometimes.

I could not deal with every device pinging me on the whims of one administrator. Ugh.

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