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September 05, 2017


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Oh, Jamie! I smiled as I read this because I have also kept handwritten recipes from my grandmothers for dishes I will never make. I also have kept a greasy old booklet from the early 1900s full of handwritten recipes from my great-grandmother (whom I never met) because there are notes in the margins about "the baby" (my grandma).

This is beautiful. I also have receipts from my grandmothers, most of which I will never use, but they wrote them for me.

Neither of my grandmothers were (as I remember it, and my parents' memories seem to jibe with this) great cooks, so I don't have any recipes in their handwriting. But I do have yellowed newspaper clippings tucked into cookbooks, in particular spots, and in my La Bouche Creole book is my mother's recipe for cornbread stuffing written on the back of the front of a Christmas card. That I keep, and that I use every Thanksgiving.

You all were our bright spot in 2002 -2003 :) and I loved that Nigella Lawson column too - even if watermelon feta salad still isn't my thing :)

Hmmm. I read "red kidney" with no trouble, and I don't THINK we're related. My prize recipes are a spice cake in my grandmother's writing, and a pancake recipe (which I know to be my other grandmother's) in my mom's writing. I think I also have my grandmother's recipe for "Mrs. Tehran's Date Cake," but I make that every Christmas and have it memorized.

That's "Mrs. Lehman's" cake. I don't know either her or Mrs. Tehran, but I know whose cake I like... (stupid autocorrect.)

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