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September 11, 2017


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Wow, what a day. My immediate thoughts: you seem to be giving yourself a hard time for taking even a little downtime, even though it is both restorative and crucial. Your workday seems to be well over 9 hours even without including work at home at the beginning and end of the day. I think a break of less than 2 hours in the middle during which you eat, exercise, and give your brain a break is eminently reasonable. And a few minutes of reading in bed is earned, not stolen!

What Maria said...

This does not read like a day you would like to have on non-stop repetition without expecting to feel exhausted. And recharging (KenKen, swimming, eating)in the middle of the day makes the rest of the day-work (including beeing nice to and helping Pete) possible, doesn't it?

Every so often I love to do a day in the life post, because these parental lives we lead... they're just so full! I enjoyed reading yours.

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