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August 01, 2017


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Wow, you're so organized -- well, at least in tracking your habits! ;-) I don't like to to those kinds of things in order not to set myself up for failure... but I have been persistent enough to complete several years of NaBloPoMo in November, so I guess I'm not 100% a lost case. ;-)

Beautiful thoughts about roots and I loved the drawing too.

And thanks for your prayers. I am extremely calm, all things considered, and I spent some time today emailing all students who requested permission to enroll and then didn't or registered and dropped. Several had already assured me over the summer (I emailed some for the first time back in June) that they will register before classes and others never said anything.

The only thing I may have "done wrong" is that I didn't allow the seniors to register earlier, so only 4 out of maybe 10 who wanted to get in actually registered. Sigh... I am still waiting on several freshmen, which is great. There is potential, but until I see the numbers go up I will feel anxious. I didn't share in the post, but the limit for each section is 18 students and currently I have 6, 8 and 4 -- precisely enough to fill up one section! :-(

Rooted is a good word. I hope you write more about your thoughts on rootedness.

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