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August 13, 2017


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No mention from the pulpit today. Disappointing. Did not even come up in prayers of the faithful.

But I wasn't at my regular parish. Not even Roman! (Personal Ordinariate of St. Peter, i.e., the ex-Anglicans.) Maybe they frown on inserting current events into the Mass?

Sigh... don't even mention this. It makes my heart beat fast and furious.

I'm SO SO SO ON EDGE. I want to just sit and cry or something. I have to go and teach THERE in like NINE DAYS. That's where I work. That's the downtown I walked around while I taught private language lessons to this nice military man for two weeks this summer.

I already read about at least one African American student WITHDRAWING his acceptance from the school and going to an HBCU in the state instead. I don't blame him.

Can you imagine how it feels to be the parents of all my first year students?? The leaders of the rally being Alums and all. I cannot possibly blog about my workplace and town because I couldn't say anything that wouldn't out where I work. Sigh...

I'll blog about the first day of sophomore year instead. Please do pray for us, I hate to read in the news that the town is permanently "tainted". It sounds so horrible. Three years ago the chilling disappearance and death of that girl, and now this. Sigh...

But thank you so much for the prayers. I wish I didn't have to drive 3.5 hours or I'd go to the "Collective Course Planning" that is being organized by two professors on the Lawn.

I did write a short post because I couldn't just not say anything. Sigh...

Nothing from our pulpit at Saturday vigil but we had a visiting priest from Ghana and he had his own stories to tell, so I forgive them. There was one intercession that alluded to "hate" - I can't remember it now but thought it was... vague. I spent all day Sunday worrying the situation in my head. Praying, yes, but worrying.

The priest ad libbed a POF that specifically mentioned Charlotesville.

Our priest set aside her planned sermon and preached a fresh one, inspired by the events in Charlottesville. Our priests are fairly reliable that way, which my teens and I appreciate.

Myself, I would be leery about attending any sort of rally, or allowing my teens to do same. Only because, these days, there seems to be such a stronger likelihood of some sort of violence. Sigh.

We continue to pray.

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