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August 04, 2017


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Glad to hear there was at least some response. Maybe it will flower into something wonderful. (Ignoring all the ways it could wither and die because it's August and I like to pretend there's hope in August.)

Well, this is encouraging anyway. And with it being his last year, one can put up with just about anything for a year. But hopefully it gets better and it 's not about "putting up with" this next year, it's "Encouraged by and making a change so you don't need to burn anything down". Here's hoping.

I'm glad that they've done enough for you to get through the last year. I too hope they show enough growth to make the year once you look back on with gladness, and not just relief in having survived it.

I was going to say that my kids would TOTALLY choose Edinburgh and home-schooling over high school, but then I thought a little more, and realized I was wrong. Alas! (But we're in the public schools so it's a moot point anyway.)

Amen! I am so glad to hear this took a turn for the better and that your stress over this is no longer necessary. I'm glad the school will address the issue and that you can feel better about your son's senior year. So, who is going to school out of town? I guess it's your third son who is about my son's age, maybe older? (my son is 15 and will be starting sophomore year next week).

We also had these crazy ideas of homeschooling to save the money and use it to travel, but alas... easier said than done! We moved here for the schools, after all, and plan to move closer to our jobs after they both graduate high school in 5 years.

I'm glad you've had some movement forward and had your complaints listened to.

Man, I'd totally pick Edinburgh. I loved that city.

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