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July 17, 2017


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Since you know what size and style you want, have you checked eBay? You can often find never-worn shoes at a good price.

Wow, this seems a very nice sandal indeed! I'm not very familiar with Teva shoes, but I know people love them. Oh, I actually have a pair, but I don't like mine (which is more of a hiking closed toe "sandal"). If you like it that much, you should probably rationalize spending that much money, though... ;-) It will be well used money.

Is it terribly unhelpful to say I'd buy them? A shoe you love and know you love and will wear for years-- I'd go for it.

if they last 2 years, that's about 40 per year. for a pair of shoes you love, that's a good price these days. I would look for a sale but not for too long. my shoes cost more than that these days and I'd pay so much to have comfortable ones now (my right foot is always painful and I cannot wear cheap shoes or it is much worse. all that to say, you love tuem, get them.

eBay or ThredUp. I often find new or newish shoes on eBay. Lots of buyers remorse shoes get dumped to eBay.

If you have access to a DSW or an Off Broadway shoe store (or website), maybe they have them on sale? (Off Broadway recently put their sandals on sale. Maybe?)

My recommendation is to buy the shoes you want, unless you can fix them. But I'm kind of appalled that your shoes only lasted you two years -- especially at that price point! -- which is an argument for buying something better-made even if you liked them.

My favorite brand of sandals are Naots, which I usually describe as being like Birkenstocks but with a more feminine profile. Every pair I've had lasted me roughly ten years with occasional trips to the shoe repair place. I also have a pair of Tevas -- the webbing kind with the flat rubber sole, which I tend to use when I'm going to be up to my ankles in water or mud -- that I've had for about twenty years and show no sign of wearing out.

Not sure of their usual price range (but I bought a pair back around grad school, so probably either on sale or not too bad to begin with), but I've had a good experience in the past with Bare Traps.

Or, wait. I have bought Bare Traps, but maybe Columbia is the brand I really like. Sorry, now I'm not sure. :-\

My Chacos are still going strong 8 years after I bought them on sale. My daughter has been wearing her Tevas for 3 years I think. I'm sorry yours haven't lasted as long!

In general, I think it is worth the money to buy good shoes. You can always wait for a sale on sandals once the fall season starts.

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