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July 26, 2017


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oh dear... I haven't had an exam in over a year and a half. can't even recall if I had one last year. I must schedule one... and I'll try to take a look! ;-P

I am fairly certain my GYN does not have light-up speculums. They don't seem to be when lying on the instrument tray. I know she uses the adjustable bright light on the stand during exams.

Last year, when multitudinous health issues were afflicted my body, from hither to yon (lots of yon), I do recall that some MDs had the light-ups and others did not. ... I think the GP did, at least one of the OBGYNs did, others did not ... I got the impression that not only did it vary from office to office, but within office, they didn't necessarily have enough to go 'round ...

Fairly sure my people don't have light-up laser hyperdrive specula either. (And I also find the doc's response a little pilly: if you'd looked? Really?)

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