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July 07, 2017


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Your dedication to the Photo Books cause is inspiring me (guilting me?) and I think I might be adding it to my list of summer projects. Here we are, halfway through summer. Hmm. I can do some quick ones for my kids first, from the excellent photos that their summer camp takes. Those will be easy. Check all the boxes, enter credit card number.

The family photos will be harder, and I think I have several years' worth to sift through.

But I'm feeling a good, positive, "I can do it" vibe, so thanks!

I love the Meyers-Briggs, but I'm really a strong I, a strong N, and a strong P. Dom is like you, he's about 50-50 on I/E and P/J and he's still pretty skeptical of the whole thing.

I just adore Stella's Shakespeare love. So so much.

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