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July 31, 2017


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I will be 40 in two days and I am so glad that I never have to be 19 again! Happy 47th birthday!


I am better at everything -- not *just* everything "that matters most"! -- than I was when I was 19.

Things are so very different than I thought they might be.

Happy Birthday! Sorry I'm late. ;-) (my most favorite [girl] cousin has a birthday on the same day, but she's 10 years older than you).

As for what you wrote, WOO-HOO! The 40s are great! Thanks for being supportive, my friend, only (almost) one year ahead of me in this life journey.

Couldn't agree more that life and one's happiness with one's self improves after 20 - but I wasn't so sure about the 40's until now. Thanks for the reassurance.
And: Yes! Bikinis are horrific! I couldn't be happier to have a socially-acceptable excuse for saying, "I don't do bikinis".

I'm still on this side of 40, but approaching middle-age doesn't sound so bad. Though I do look back and wonder how on earth I thought that my thighs were heavy when I was 19. Throw me into that briar patch, Brer Rabbit! I do have problems reconciling my actual 38yo body with my idea of what my 38yo body should look like (which is relevant to no one but me, because most people don't really care). But thank God we can never go back and be any particular age again! The best is yet to be.

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