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July 13, 2017


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I have the same one!

Here is the first tip that I feel you might use: You know those recipes for Skillet Rice Dinners that promise dinner very simply in one pan but only work on white rice? The Instant Pot can make them work with brown rice!

What, aren't you excited yet?

Oh! I am so glad to hear this. I somehow resisted the call of the Instant Pot this week and have felt cranky about not buying it.

The number one concern is where it might be stored. I still might get one in November because I am definitely crockpot impaired, but I will have to think long and hard about space arrangements before pulling the trigger.

I have the same Instant Pot. I am not going to say it changed my life, BUT it has made cooking during the week a lot easier. Yes, it is huge and finding a place for it to live in my kitchen was a big pain.

First, you can convert almost any slow cooker recipe to the pressure cooker and it will come out very well and in about 1/3 of the time. Once you become familiar with the time required to cook various meats, it will become easy for you to convert these recipes on the fly. I successfully converted a 12-hour Rick Bayless recipe for my birthday dinner and it was GREAT.

Second, you can put a massive pork shoulder or brisket or whatever in there on a Sunday, cook it, shred it, and then use the meat during the week. So it significantly shortens cooking times during the week, too. This also allows you to de-fat whatever liquid is left in the Instant Pot, if you care about that kind of thing.

Third, it makes pretty good chicken stock (though not as good as if you made it on the stove). It also makes very good beans in a fraction of the time it would normally take to make homemade beans, so that has been a lot of fun. I always liked homemade beans, but never remembered to cook them early enough, so now I can make them and don't have to waste money on canned.

I would like an instant pot update in a few months. I am intrigued but my kitchen is literally the size of a closet (real literally, not figuratively literally). It has to be awesome if I'm going to clear out space for it but as I will be working a lot more next year I'm eager for ways to make dinner easier.

I don't have the Instant pot pressure cooker, but an equivalent one I got on Costco, the Power Pressure Cooker XL and it has a non-stick inner pot that really doesn't stick.

I LOOOOVE that thing, but it's HUMONGOUS too! After lugging it up and down from the garage my husband moved my (huge) slow cooker down to the garage so we could store it (without the lid!) on one of the metal shelves of my (very deep) pantry. It's absolutely excellent for both rice and for beans and since I'm vegetarian I cannot really say anything about meats! I hope you'll love it. I'm never using my (regular) pressure cooker again and neither the rice cooker.

*got AT Costco. Ah... how I hate prepositions! I can never get them right. :-(

I was kind of afraid that I'd never use my Instant Pot, but it turns out I have used it quite a bit. This week I made pulled pork and it was delicious. I love pulled pork, but I am never together enough to remember to put things in the crockpot in the morning. With the instant pot I don't even need to remember to defrost the meat. I just browned it, still frozen, in the pot, then tossed in onions and spices, and cooked it. slow cooker tender in less than 2 hours from freezer to table.

I love not needing to plan ahead for beans. I love the easy peel boiled eggs. And quick chicken stock.

Where does the 300-pound Instant Pot sit? ANYWHERE IT WANTS! ;-)

Yes, I too resisted the siren call of Prime Day. I'm not an early adapter by any means, so I'm watching the FB chatter as I try to decide. My family size would require the 500-lb. gorilla Instant Pot, so although I do have the storage space and even the counter space, I'd want to be sure I'd use the thing often. Also, waiting for my meal mojo to return in the wake of baby -- it's been pasta and whatnot a lot here, lately.

Mostly I'm intrigued by cutting dinner cooking time, since I'm always looking at frozen chicken breasts at 6:30 and wondering why I didn't figure out dinner earlier.

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