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July 18, 2017


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Happy birthday! And a blessed new year for you!

Happy birthday! And worry not about Stella's birthday pool; I was the winner and you DID contact me, and I think I told you that you didn't have to send me my prize. That was a long time ago!

Happy birthday!! I have enjoyed your 6 posts per week SO much. Thank you for the gift! :) Have a happy celebration. (I could not even begin to predict what 2018 will look like.)

Happy birthday! I've lurked all year (as I have ever since your earlier blog), and I've immensely enjoyed, and benefited from, reading your writing. Thank you for all your posts!

Happy birthday! I've so enjoyed the regular posts. I'll miss them!

I enjoy your regular writings so much. Maybe this year a more modest goal, like three per week?

(1) Donald Trump

(2) Something with Russia, about which none of Trump's supporters will care. That won't be surprising, but the degree to which mainstream Republicans will shrug it off for the sake of holding onto power WILL be.

(3) Global climate change -- my answer for now into the distant future, such that I wish my children were more interested in science so I could shove them towards carbon-capture technology development

(4) I'm woeful at this sort of question. I know: you will continue to blog more regularly than you suggested you might. (I pick that one in a not-at-all-subtle attempt to influence the future.)

Happy Happy Birthday. I have been a woeful commentator but have deeply appreciated the presence of your posts in my feed reader, when I check my phone each morning. I will miss them.

Happy belated birthday! I've really enjoyed your posts this year as always :) And I'm making no guesses. I'm still reeling that Hillary didn't get Florida as I predicted and I didn't happily tuck my children into bed nice and early last November. I have hopes, though, and high on those is that at this time next year we'll have a very good shot at the Democrats taking over Congress.

Happy Belated Birthday!

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