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July 11, 2017


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I have really enjoyed your blogging. I've been reading for a long time and this morning I realized how influential you've been. (Case in point: I was taking Floradix, something I hadn't heard of until you mentioned it in passing.) I am always learning new things from what you have to share and it inspires me to consider* keeping a better record of what's going on and what I'm thinking of, and that maybe even I could blog like it's 2005.

*Case in point the second: that Gretchen Rubin quiz! My status as a rebel has kind of explained my increasing frustration with myself regarding habits and goals.

Long story short -- thanks for writing. :-)

Yes, thanks for writing! I will miss your frequent posting in the next year...

Oh no, don't stop posting!
I'm a faithful reader although I'm rubbish at commenting.
When you don't post new content I go rummaging in your past posts, although that can be fun too!

I've really enjoyed the frequency of your posts and wished I could emulate it.

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