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June 06, 2017


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I am very very fond of Emma Donoghue.

Hey, I know Emily Nagoski! She is a pretty smart cookie.

I am currently reading Apollo 8, nonfiction account of the first mission around the moon. so far I am bored. I really need fluff instead since all my free time is spent studying math at the moment. I learned (relearned) the law of cosines last night, which is very satisfying and very boring.

I'm reading Swallows and Amazons out loud right now. The kids both fell asleep I. The first few chapters with all of the sailing terminology but now they're eating it up too!

Nonfiction I loved recently: Making of the Atomic Bomb. Learned lots of physics along with the history of physics. And lots about science and scientists in WWI, before we even got to the Manhattan Project.

Glad you're discovering Swallows & Amazons! I first discovered it at my grandmother's house, with its two streams and the huge tree on the climb-able hill and the fire road over the ridge that led to... probably someplace magical! where we could stay out all day as long as we wore shoes (even when we wanted to go wading).

Oh yay for Swallows and Amazons! My kids were so very sorry to see the series end. I definitely wish I'd met them when I was a kid. My kids have named landmarks at our nearby state park after spots in the books and pretend to be the Swallows when they are hiking and playing in the woods.

Yes, cycling can save the world. I have found it interesting how few people of faith there are in the cycling advocacy world (and how little interest there is in active transportation in the Catholic world), yet every time I turn around I find another connection between Catholic thought and active transportation/urbanism. I'll have to take a look at that book.

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