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June 11, 2017


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Wow -- a cliffhanger!

It is a KNOWN FACT that monsters are waiting to devour you in water!

I have freaked out about sharks/other water creatures in:

1. Swimming pools
2. Freshwater lakes
3. A hot pool in a hammam in Istanbul

It really is an illogical fear. I saw real sharks diving last year and wasn't fazed at all. I think it's the idea that something could sneak up on you and devour you. I hate submarines for that reason...

Oh dear...

I do use my left thumb for the space bar when I'm typing the previous letters with my left hand... It looks like I use it a lot! Maybe it's because I learned to type in an actual old school typewriter? Using an old typing manual of my dad's! I enjoyed it. Maybe one of the effects of my ADHD hyper-focus -- some boring tasks are actually enjoyable for us.

One dirty secret: I never got to the part of typing numbers and symbols, so I'm really bad at those, I actually have to look at the keyboard. It's annoying and ridiculous. I hope I'd finished the whole thing.

* I WISH I'd finished, not hope.

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