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June 30, 2017


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how wonderful! I have spent the week with my father and sister and we laughed together today, which made me happy. I wish we had more time this year, for I would have seen more people I like to see upNorth. But I will wave in your general direction and head back south instead of meandering less than an hour away to see the most-gladlys.

Or a peanut-butter-and-BANANA sandwich! Which I discovered late in life. Better late than never!

Personally, as good as all the other stuff sounds (french toast!), I'm really tickled by the mold of the lion rampant.

oooh, this commenting section is still open, this means that it takes about two weeks for them to close off. I'm working my way up to the present day, AKA catching up on reading your blog after a delightful vacation of 2 weeks and 2 days. Wow, that book does sound hard to read! OK, onward to the month of July.

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