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June 04, 2017


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Plain socks in a self striping yarn so you can see you're making progress.
A hat, if you're not like me a land can't ever make a hat that looks right first time round.

Hats of Hope from Ravelry. Mindless until the (easy and intuitive) decreases. Guaranteed to fit somebody, and eminently donate-able. My go-to mindless knitting.

The only project I have going right now is crochet, not knitting. And I started it 3 months ago, intending to finish it before the new great-niece was born. Since I had to put it down for months, and the great-niece is arriving by the 15th (scheduled), I am not going to finish in time...

Once I get it going, it's pretty mindless for me. It's a simple spider web pattern that I really like.

wow, this is coming together beautifully, you are talented and persistent and I greatly admire you and any person who knits! I have to stick to buying knit things made by other people (or, once in a while, being gifted something gorgeous -- everyone comments on that shawl when I wear it. What an amazing precious gift, my friend!).

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