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June 05, 2017


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It's quite simple. Nobody comments and I don't reply ;-D. In all seriousness, I try to at least reply on site. I like when you send a reply through email though, so maybe I should do that instead. All this is predicated on the thought that I actually write something on my poor neglected blog...

I don't blog, but I do comment. I never expect a reply.

I comment rarely, but I read avidly ;-)
I do not expect a reply, but I take great pleasure in it ;-)

Don't worry about it, I know you read! Don't feel pressured to respond. I am delighted when you do (even if it's weeks after), but I don't ever count on it. And I do come back to posts sometimes to see if other people have commented. There's no need to stress.

Hardly anybody comments on my blog, so it's easy to handle. I do what you often so, sometimes I respond in a new blog post -- easier than posting a comment back -- who knows if the person will read it? Sometimes, if someone asks a question and I post a comment back, I'll go to their blog and copy the comment on their comment section so they'll see it for sure.

Blogland is not what it used to be back when we started, but it's still VITAL for me, really, even if it's just a handful of us out here.

I'm always delighted that you respond by email to my comments, and now that I know you do it to everybody, I realize I'm not as special as I thought I was. ;-)

I sometimes, but not always, respond in the comments on my blog. I almost never email.

I've kept a blog for it must be eleven years now; at a few different locations (current 'new' digs thru my name) ... I always moderate comments (for a variety of reasons) and I always reply on-site as soon as I hit publish ... I like to be able to chat with my readers, and this is a seamless way to do it .... As a reader, I certainly do appreciate when the blogger replies! Like I say, I like conversation :-) tho' I do prefer it to be on-site, not via email ...

Noted, Penelope.

I try to reply to comments on my blog, but sometimes I get bogged down or I just can't think of anything to say. I love it when my comments are responded to, but I'm terrible with keeping up with email. Either I answer right away or it languishes and gets answered weeks later if at all.

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