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May 23, 2017


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It sounds like you already have a daily Bible reading plan, but one thing I've been doing this year is following the two-year reading plan in the very back of my Liturgy of the Hours book. It's about a chapter a day, often less, moving through books that are seasonally appropriate. Just finished Revelation and am working through bite-sized chunks of 1 John. The selections are short enough that I don't feel that I need to put them off, but if I do miss a day, catching up on two days isn't onerous.

I need everything else you've mentioned here, but baby, arriving in six weeks, is going to dictate my eating and fitness (ha! ha!) schedule. I'll be glad to live vicariously through your organization.

I enjoyed your Sunday Night Strategizing posts in the past. Do you imagine doing something similar to keep you on task for the next twelve weeks?

I am a terrible personal taskmaster for myself. I do well with a plan for about 4 days, then I find something trips me up and suddenly it's 8 days later and I'm always meaning to start again.

I should really ban evening screens. Way too easy to find myself reading Buzzfeed or be down a weird Wikipedia rabbit hole.

I've been thinking about trying some dietary switches. I'm beyond frazzled right now which drives me to fast food which, I think, does not help my frazzle. I'm not sure I could Paleo with a mostly veg*n husband though...

I want to dig into my workouts more too. I'm nursing an ankle injury so skipping out on derby for a while. This takes away 6 hours of physical activity a week though and I don't tend to replace it in totality because 3 hours of skating with a team twice a week is way more fun then running/biking alone for an equal amount of time. I have thrown some swing dancing in there but it's not the same intensity-wise.

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