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May 31, 2017


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I have my own precious 15 year old, though he no longer accepts hugs and kisses willingly... :-(

so your ending was very sweet for me: "This is what fifteen looks like: fascinated by magic, enthusiastic about Miles Davis, full of jokes and plans, and somehow two inches taller than me."

Mine has different interests and may not quite reach 2 inches above me, but he loves to make magic tricks with cards, play computer games & watch certain tv shows on Netflix, swims beautifully in the swim team and is pretty quiet, but even-keeled. Yeah 15 year olds come in all varieties!

Everything I know about choux pastry I learned watching the Great British Bake Off, but the folks on there do pipe blobs instead of swirls, and then use a dampened finger to slightly flatten the top. Perhaps that would help?

i made my first experiment with choux pastry this year, making cream puffs for St Joseph's Day. I really want to try again. I made blobs and pushed them down with a wetted finger and they came out pretty well. Not perfectly round, but nicely hollow for filling with cream. I froze the few that were leftover, it being Lent and all. A week or so ago I defrosted them and ate one with Nutella and the other two with lemon curd, both successfully tasty experiments with alternate filling.

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