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May 24, 2017


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1. Have other people offer up ideas and then get them to plan at least a part of it. Give up the dynamic of activities director if it only garners you grief. And talk to them about the dynamic.
2. I live in NYC, if you want ideas or insider tips. There is the big Shakespeare in the Park and many other free Shakespeare in other parks. We have done really well going to the lottery at the Public theater and doing the online lottery at the same time to get tickets for a big group. Don't try sitting in the park, people get there at 5 am.
3. This is a good pass if you are seeing the big items in NYC: http://www.citypass.com/new-york-comparison

We're going to New York City, too! Better yet, we're going to NY because after years of vacations during which I kept thinking, "We are spending a lot of money to have a terrible time," we spent a couple of days in New York over spring break, and afterwards, the surliest of my children asked, "Can we go back to New York and see more plays?"

Also fun in NYC: Governor's Island, the Tenement Museum, the Roosevelt Island tram, and what I think of as the loop: Cloisters (am) to Lexington Candy Shop (lunch) to Met Museum.

Hey, is your June conference the one here in Madison? Email me the dates and we can get dinner again if you have time!

I'm the planner of virtually everything in my family (fun and not-so-fun stuff) and I feel a little resentful about it because I end up putting a lot of work into planning and feeling like people don't appreciate the amount of work it takes. Getting your husband to plan something or asking the kids to plan an outing might be both fun and illuminating. Just a thought.

When are you going to NYC?! That will be fun!! Please don't delete your photos like I did last year ;-P (I know you won't that was just me and I can't forgive myself). And, hey, if you want to venture further South a bit, you're all welcome to stay here overnight (we have PLENTY of mattresses and a guest bedroom and bathroom).

I'm going to see a total solar eclipse for the first time. We get sixty seconds at the university (which is hosting an event). Aunt Rose gets two and a half minutes at her farm. Your location is partial; where will you travel?

I never respond but I adore reading your blog. My summer list includes swimming outdoors each day (1000m is my goal) and dropping my oldest at college. Sadly no travel plans but we were in Martinique last month so I really can't complain.

I'm lucky in that my parents own a time share in FL, so we always have the last week in June for a beach vacation. But as a result I rarely plan anything ELSE fun in the summer, and naturally feel guilt about that. (the kids swim w/the babysitter and do a couple of camps so they're not bored)

This year my only other "family fun" goals are a Braves game and one concert w/the kids (tickets already bought). We'll annoy each other at home AND LIKE IT. ;)

We want to camp, kayak, visit family, and go to NYC to see friends ;)

I hate hate hate planning and mostly refuse to do it although I think it would make my life easier.

My sister posted something on my Facebook recently which is spot on:
"I'm gonna wing it." - Me, about something I most definitely should not wing.

The boys and I are learning to play tennis in between baseball games. Next week I intend to take the boys to the Indy Zoo and Conner Prairie for 2 days. Father's Day weekend we usually rent a pontoon boat on Lake Shelbyville and spend the day puttering around the lake, swimming and eating cheese doodles. Delightful. We have concert tickets for the grownups and Chicago Broadway tickets for the children on the same night in July, so we are planning to either go to WI or MI the week before and end up in Chicago. Still working on that. Jr High baseball starts July 31 and that basically means our summer freedom is over because it's every day for 2.5 hours. I would like to squeeze in a couple camping trips even if it's only to nearby state parks.

If you need someplace to run the younger kids around when you're in NYC, check out Heckscher Playground, near the south end of Central Park. It has a massive water feature with moats and crenellations and lots of things to climb, which is super awesome and a great way to blow off steam on a hot day (bring bathing suits or change of clothes for kids, they will get soaked). It's a little nerve-wracking because there are many exit points and it's hard to keep eyes on kids at all times without climbing up there yourself, but if they buddy up they should be fine. PM me if you want more kid-friendly ideas! (I think your Stella is right between my two in age.)

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