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May 03, 2017


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Oh man, that choked me up.

Hey! I don't mean to skip over your contemplation of the too, too quick passing of time, but does this represent a solution (for your family, or at least for the freshman) to the problems you were seeing in your local Catholic school?

Oh my. This is huge. xoxoxo

Oh my goodness. Words are failing me. Proud of you for putting on a good face for your boy.

There is a boarding school not far from here. I don't know that I could send them.

Love to you, and him

My heart felt a little squeezed just reading that. I'd love to know how your family came to this decision.

This is really exciting. I attended a public nerd boarding school for 11 & 12th grades and I made amazing life long friends. The teachers were amazing, our curriculum was cutting edge for the mid 1990s. It's a big decision because I basically left my parents house at 16 and never returned for more than a few weeks at a time.

Oh my gosh that's huge.

I myself longed for such an educational opportunity in my teens ... but for my own teens, oh wow, i would have a hard time saying yes!

{{hugs}} and prayers for your mama's heart and emptying hest.

When I was sophomore I went away on a student exchange for a year. It was so hard for my mom (I realize that now, I didn't then!), but that exchange influenced who I am in such an important way. Now as an adult I'm so grateful that my mom had the strength to let me go. Your son is a lucky kid.

Oh dear... I just spent 2 weeks away from my high school freshman and I missed him so much! My brothers-in-law were laughing at me because at that age (15), all of them were in boarding school already and my husband went away at an even earlier age (12, close to 14). My husband got a job at a particular university JUST SO we could be close to the boarding academy in our town so we didn't have to send our sons away. You (and my mother-in-law) are brave! (Needless to say, my mom didn't send my brother and I, she and my dad worked at a church college (with high school and elementary schools attached), so we went there.

Oh, congrats and best wishes to him! And to you.

On bird metaphors: I once forgot to take down a Christmas "kissing ball" outside our door...and then a bird built her nest in it, so I COULDN'T take it down. She and I had an understanding: when I went out the door to go to work, she'd fly to the nearest tree and watch until I left, and then go back to her eggs.

Fast forward to spring: I'm newly expecting my son, 8 weeks in at most, IIRC. The birds have hatched. There's been a terrible windstorm overnight, and those baby birds have peeped like crazy as the ball rocked back and forth. I was a wreck; if I could have brought the ball into the house for the night, I would have! In the morning, it's still windy, and now I can hear AND see the babies. My family is visiting...and suddenly one sister bursts out, "He flew! He flew!" And we run to the door to see Mom and Bird One on the tree...and then Bird Two flies...and then Bird Three...and just like that, they're away,,,and, ironically, safe outside the nest.

I talked about my birds at work to my lunch buddies, in some detail.

A few weeks later, when we had our final faculty meeting, and I shared my impending news, most coworkers were surprised, except for one lunch buddy, who had suspected: she had noticed that I'd gone off soda, but she also said, "I had a feeling. You were WAY too worried about those birds!"

Metaphors 'R' Us. =)

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