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May 16, 2017


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Sometimes I feel like you and I are the only ones (oh! and my dad) that share these sentiments.

I use my phone a lot, but I think your son has a very important point and I'm not weary of complaints about phone use. As for me, the ability to receive and send work emails all the time feels intrusive. I do not get buzzes or screen notifications for emails, though, only for texts... so I can ignore them if I want.

I do "lose" my phone and don't use it for long stretches of time when I am at home quite often, but when I'm out and about it is always with me. I am constantly taking photos of stuff, though, I'm sure some people may think it's weird, but I absolutely love to have a handy camera with me at all times. That's my main use of the phone (and the GPS when needed) when I'm out and about. I text & call only when needed...

I would add that the problem for some people is not the phone and the technology per se (e.g. having a camera, having GPS, being able to text & call people), but social media. Facebook is the thing that gets addictive to me and it's DEFINITELY white sugar for the brain. Checking FB and Instagram are things that I definitely need to try to impose limits on.

Those are my 2 cents...

Yes, Jamie, yes! I'm curious about your thoughts, as an instructor of still-developing young adults, and how their attention spans/capacity for deep thought has changed (or not). I see it in my students: this intense dislike of holding mentally still long enough to digest a long paragraph of descriptive prose or follow a complicated proof to the end. I wonder how much is caused by the constant access to (and subsequent desire for) stimulation. Bored? (Wonder what's on instagram, let's check!) This problem is hard! (Hey, I forgot I was supposed to email Mom so I'll just do that now.) Oh! This passage reminds me of that one thing Steven Colbert said! (I'll just look it up on youtube real quick.) I worry about this in no small part because I see its creep on myself. Here I am, posting on your blog instead of doing my own work!

I don't know what the solution is, I really don't, but I'd love to hear more of your thoughts on this particularly as a mom of teens.

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