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May 22, 2017


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Sleep. Sometimes the mind works things out without me at the helm.

For me, two things:

1) personal gut check...is the grumpiness about thing "A" really a distraction from the real source of my grumpiness? For me all purpose grumpiness is usually because there's an arena in my life where I am not getting my needs met but I'm not saying/doing anything about it, OR it's because I'm feeling low level guilt or shame about something I haven't addressed.

2). Gratitude. Written or prayed mentally. Hard to be grateful and grumpy at the same time.

Are you getting enough good food, good rest, and good play?

daily walk even if it's just 10 minutes, more time outside, less time on FB, scheduled time with friends, putting myself to bed ON TIME

Sometimes I allow myself to wallow in the mood, as long as it isn't affecting others. Sometimes this helps me get to the core reasons why I am so grumpy. But I don't do it for too long cause then grumpy turns to angry.

If I don't have a good reason for being grumpy then music, a good book, alone time, a food indulgence, or crafty time can help pull me out of it. Sleep can help, but sometimes a nap actually makes the situation worse because then I don't get a good nights sleep.

Have you tried bitching?

Time. Sleep. Volunteering. New experience/adventure.

Sweeping the path. It's mildly aerobic and repetitive and gives an easy improvement. Also editing - a garden bed, children's stuff, my papers... Feeling a bit off is ideal for ruthless decluttering. Usually I can see both sides to any decision but being liverish helps me be tough. The resulting open spaces are both tidy and allow new possibilities. Oh, and of course, singing the Frozen song Let it go!

I expect to shake off this current irritable phase in September by giving birth. I'm not sure that's generally applicable advice. :)

1) Sleep. A proper bedtime is the first thing to go when I'm stressed/irritated (followed closely by the eating habits). And then it contributes to the irritation. Sometimes I have to forcibly remind myself to get back on track, and be patient in the couple of days it takes for me to re-set myself.

About this sleep stuff...I know this logically, and I purport to be an adult who knows how to take care of herself, and has even been entrusted with the care and feeding of a child...and yet it's amazing to me how often I still need to be reminded to sleep properly. I'm increasingly aware of the effect it has on EVERYTHING, especially as I get older.

2) Hug my kid. Irritability for me also goes hand in hand with isolation. Nothing cures that better than a cuddle with The Boy. These days, as he turns into a gangly pre-teenager, a cuddle is more like reading books next to each other, while he leans on me....but it does the trick.

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