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May 08, 2017


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Oh yes, prayers assured!

Prayers for your situation. May it be speedily and satisfactorily resolved.

Praying for a swift and positive resolution!

I tried M.C. I tried! Read the first several chapters and it did not grab me at all, alas.

Praying for speedy resolution... ugh.

AND I think I'll join you in #FAMDRAL but by reading Great Expectations aloud to any takers I can find - my oldest is starting high school next year. It might be a slow start, since this May promises to be a very hectic crazy one, and I've already got a chasuble to finish before a June ordination (!!) and school to finish (heh). But we'll give it a try as a summer project. Thanks for the inspiration!!

Saw your post on reading Gr. Ex. aloud to your son; may I ask how old he was at the time? My guy likes when we read things aloud, but I always appreciate a recommendation on good times for various books.

(On a much much smaller note, we had a moment like that a couple of years ago when I read him "The Best Christmas Pageant Ever." At the end (from "Imogene Herdman was crying" to the end of the book, essentially), he got very quiet. He snuggled up closer to me. And when I closed the book, he looked at me and said very quietly, "That makes a lot of sense."

Outwardly, I quietly said, "Yes, I think so too," and give him a hug. Inwardly, I was doing a triumphant end-zone-style celebration dance.

Also, will certainly pray for speedy resolution. Best wishes to you.

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