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May 14, 2017


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Isn't that a lovely thing?

I had a student thank me for teaching last week, saying (and these really were her words), "Thank you for doing the important and often-overlooked thing."

I also remember once having a couple of students (my senior yearbook staff) rally to fix a very big, sudden, and unexpected problem before it made its way to me. They locked themselves in a room and fixed it, and didn't come out until it was done. And I only heard about it later, because (excuse me while I grab a tissue) they didn't want to worry me with it, because they knew how much was on my plate that week.

(And even then, while I heard about the problem and solution from them, it was somebody else who told me the lengths they went to to fix it. They didn't toot a single horn on their own behalf. They just did the necessary thing.)

It's really lovely not only to see that they DO notice the often-overlooked things (it gives a person the warm fuzzies)...but also to see THEM growing in sensitivity and awareness. It's why I get sniffly at graduation every year.

awwww! That **IS** hilarious! I should serve more weird food here! But, compared to some other kids we know (or some kids in the family, yikes!), my kids aren't picky AT ALL! I love them for that and I hope to be able to continue to nurture their un-pickiness.

I love it that your son cooked dinner. My husband only makes the boys breakfast every day and I appreciate that, but I wish he'd cook other meals too. Sigh... And I need to have the patience required to teach my sons to cook.

Happy Mother's Day! Sounds like you received the best present of all. Also, I would eat a delicious pile of eggs and onions and potatoes right now, so send him to my house to cook.

That's awesome. And yes, quite hilarious.

I'm with Mrs. Darwin: eggs, onions and potatoes works for me any time, especially on a busy weeknight. So not only is it great that he cooked, but it's also pretty great that he put together what sounds like some nutritious AND delicious comfort food!

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