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April 22, 2017


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Congrats on the successful run!


Guilty as charged. :-( I'd probably never talk on the phone during a run, but I really need to get better about checking it while walking. Now... talking on the phone (most often via Bluetooh, not holding it against my ear) while I drive is VITAL to keep me awake sometimes and also is an excellent use of my time because I spend nearly THREE hours of my workday driving to/from work. I love to call my parents at least once a week, sometimes more often, so, yeah... I don't ever want to give that up. Sometimes I also call them while walking to/from the car. I think checking the phone is more a problem for me personally than calling. I need to become more sane (as you say). I'm sorry to inform you that it isn't very likely that people will go back to sanity. :-(

Oooh I HVE ONE. I was in a waiting room recently and a woman came in and sat down. First, she started typing on her phone with the keyboard clicks turned on. This is anathema to me, but I was willing to believe she just didn't know how to turn them off. But then her phone rang and she ANSWERED IT and started carrying on a conversation, which in my view is just categorically impolite (the waiting room was small and generally quiet). IT GETS WORSE: the clinical assistant came to take her back to her appointment and SHE KEPT TALKING ON THE PHONE while he ushered her through the door and back toward the exam rooms. I was appalled.

I keep telling my husband that going analog will be the Next Hip Thing and that constant phone use will come to be seen as an unsavory tic, like chewing gum loudly or saying "like" and "ya know" every other sentence. I say this mostly because I hope it will be true.

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