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April 30, 2017


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Awwww, how lovely! The dress and veil and the cake! I know several friends whose children had first communion either last weekend or this one. Are there set times in the year for that to happen? (I really have very limited knowledge of such things!)

She looks just beautiful. And the cake, my word! Sounds perfect. What a happy day! Congratulations to Stella!

Stella looks lovely. I like your reflections on bridal veils here too.

We're preparing for Ben's first communion, which will be on Pentecost. It's definitely much lower key than the girls' were. I just realized that maybe I should get him dress shoes instead of sneakers or sandals. I gave up buying the boys dress shoes a few years ago because I just got so sick of all the shoes the girls go through.

Anyway, yes about the perfectionism. I keep wondering what I've missed and feeling guilty for not doing more, but really, I think he's going to be all right.

That cake looks absolutely fabulous. I am so impressed. And hungry.

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