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April 13, 2017


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Oh are we cooking! Our Church hosts a huge picnic on Sunday afternoon (since our resurrection service goes starts at 10pm and goes into the early hours of the morning). My husband is the king of the grill for our little corner of friends and he will be grilling/smoking: a full brisket, 2 corned beef, a ham and pulled pork shoulder. After fasting from meat all Lent, we're ready!

I don't know yet. As we usually do, we plan on attending a lunch that is put on by many members of our church for International students at the University. I haven't had time to ask what is still needed yet.

I'm in charge of salad and dessert, some of which has to be gluten-free. Making key lime pies and chocolate-dipped macaroons. I'll decide on the salad after I see what looks good in the produce aisle tomorrow.

Key lime pies and macaroons are complementary desserts, since one requires egg yolks and one requires egg whites, and I am all about complementarity.

-turkey ham
-egg fritatta of some kind
-new potatoes with dill
-asparagus with holland wise sauce
-hrudke-a Slovak sweet cheese
-beets with horseradish
-Slovak nut roll and coffee

I should probably figure that out...

And buy chocolate.

And Easter eggs.

I'm really behind this year.

I bought a butterflied leg of lamb to grill for Easter dinner. And I guess I'll make some Brussels sprouts and roasted potatoes to go with it. Maybe some broccoli if I'm feeling really energetic. And maybe sweet potatoes? And challah. Must have challah.

For Easter brunch we'll have deviled eggs and a sweet spiced brioche bread. And lots of chocolate, of course. We're supposed to go to my brother-in-law's for dessert, but I haven't actually made a dessert to bring. I doubt it will be missed, there's usually too many desserts anyway.

After reading Bearing's post I wish I had the ingredients for a key lime pie. Macaroons sound yummy too. Maybe if I find time tomorrow I might try some kind of almond cookie.

Nothing! (Except a dozen eggs, which The Boy and I just colored.) If I had a little more time and energy between cantor/choir gigs, I might try to make a dessert to bring to my sister's tomorrow...but between her and my foodie brother-in-law, I suspect it won't be necessary.

But I should probably start thinking about what to feed us tonight before the Vigil....

Well, I'm late but pretty proud of our delicious Easter day dinner. It was very Southern: Honey Ham, mashed potatoes, deviled eggs (traditional and "bedeviled" ones, with jalepenos), homemade mac and cheese, pineapple-cheese casserole (sounds weird but so rich and yummy!), sweet-n-sour green beans made w/bacon, onion and vinegar then simmered a long time, French bread, and a blue velvet layer cake (our first) from a box mix - my daughter saw it at the grocery store and we had to have it. The aqua color was very festive! :)

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