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April 09, 2017


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Well... I'm not knitter, but it's exciting stuff. I hope you do email the designer!

And I can't believe I didn't write a comment on that post. As you know I'm obsessed with matching clothes, so I think it's awesome that you knit yourselves 'mommy and me' sweaters. Are you saving hers for future grandchildren? ;-P

Goodness. That's ninja-level pattern. Sometimes I wonder what it's like to have a designer's mind. I bet it's wild in there!

Knitting a garment is such a leap of faith. It's not like seeing, where you can make a muslin of it first. Your yarn looks lovely, and I will be excited to see how this looks when you get done with it!

My PhD thesis is about drying paint, so you can send the non-knitters my way.

I have yet to attempt an actual adult sweater of any weight, although I have done some for grandchildren where I wish I had chosen a less-blocky pattern. I keep looking at and saving adult sweater patterns, and knitting more shawls. And blankets for grandchildren, because you can't mess up the fit on a blanket...

I'm intimidated by adult-size sweaters as well. I sew, and I know all the adjustments I can or should make to a pattern for sewing. But knitting? You don't exactly get to make a practice one (at least at my knitting speed).

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