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April 16, 2017


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Oh dear. I once feared that my children had lost a hard boiled egg in my living room (not Easter time) and made them stop everything and clean everything (it was a MESS -- and I use those capital letters for a reason). We didn't find it. It was never lost. It was just a confused 4 year old. To this day I am still relieved. Good luck. It will turn up sometime, unfortunately...

Oh dear. We only had 12 eggs to find (just one Boy), but even so, for the first year ever, I felt I needed to make a list...just in case.


haha! This was great. My Dad tells a similar story from his childhood. He assures you the lost egg will make itself evident in a few weeks. ;)

This is why we do the hard-boiled ones outside ;) I wondered, this year, if making a list might become necessary.... but we do 10-12 per kid, so this year we hid 50 and next year may be more when the baby becomes a toddler and enters the mix.

I hope the bunyip ate it so you won't smell it down the road :)

As soon as we had our carpets cleaned last fall, something small went and died (or perhaps a piece of meat or potato was trekked in, hidden and rotted) in or around our dining room/music room, and the whole area reeked of dead thing for WEEKS. We couldn't find it!! - just had to keep airing and airing until the bad time was past. Ugh. Because I get the carpets cleaned in order to *produce* foul smells, yeah. Maybe the culprit will come to light with the piano tune due this month....

oh dear! I saw your post on facebook, I guess... with the photos... I hope it won't stink as people are saying!

Mean bad bunyip!

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