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April 20, 2017


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I'm so glad you you're enjoying it! I discovered her randomly a few years back and have been generally very pleased. I especially appreciate the way that her particular brand of mild woo-woo feels very compatible (for me) with turning the woo-woo moments into moments of prayer instead. Hip hip hooray!

I...had to drop out after day 6. This has been a month and having one more requirement in my day was too much. But I'm going to try again because I could use that mental focus.

Ah, yoga is marvelous :-) I began practicing when I was 13, and maintained my practice for decades. But I stopped after my brain tumor seven years ago due to the subsequent disability ... then, I very gently resumed, this time 'yoga for movement disorders' (my physical disability is significant), about a year and a half ago. It has made such a difference for me! Physically as well as spiritually. I would say it has helped to deepen my prayer life as well as strengthening my muscles. ... anyhow! I am glad to hear you are enjoying it.

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