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March 02, 2017


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YES!!! That seems like a big win. And a logical way that ALL the kids will hear what needs hearing, too. Everyone has to take religion, n'est-ce pas? GOOD JOB PERSISTING.

Perfect. Just perfect.

Ohhh, that's so good. I'm glad you pursued it past the school.

Wonderful! I'm glad you went up the ladder. I'm not sure it would even have occurred to me to try that.

Oh i'm really glad you're getting a better response. Good for you for persevering!

Glad to hear that!

that is very uplifting news.

So glad you're continuing to push on this. These are the types of actions that multiplied over and over again make real change.

Oh wow. That's a perfect. That's he's addressing it from a chaplaincy and theological perspective is really hopeful. It suggests an integration of faith and academics and discipline and that faith is primary. First things first and priorities in order. How sad is it that I'm so used to disfunction in Catholic institutions that this is a pleasant surprise?

Excellent news.

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